Open Access Networks for Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are a popular vehicle for municipal fiber network deployments. Yet, we don’t often talk about how the right business model can make or break these partnerships. This article will briefly explore how open access P3s mitigate risks and address political concerns regarding municipalities competing with the private sector to deliver broadband.Many […]

Foresite Group Leader Mentors Team in ULI Hines Student Competition

Since 2003, the Urban Land Institute has hosted the ULI Hines Student Competition, offering eligible students the opportunity to form multi-disciplinary teams to engage in an exercise in responsible land use. The competition encourages cooperation and teamwork among future real estate developers and the many related professions, such as architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, engineering, […]

Good Communication from Paper to Production

Years ago, when I was a young landscape designer in training, I attended an on-site construction meeting in a cramped trailer on a cold January day. Among the meeting attendees were the owner, general contractor, superintendent and two subcontractors. As the meeting churned on, we all discussed some questions the contractor had about the proposed […]

Better Design through a Multi-Perspective Approach

It’s safe to say that engineers need to be focused on details. Getting absorbed in the small details of a site design are what make us good at what we do. But we must remember we’re not the only ones who work on a project. A developer has the idea. We design the site to […]