Using Drones to Improve Accuracy, Efficiency, and Cost in Land Development

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are becoming increasingly popular in both the commercial and consumer markets. With the price of these technologically-advanced devices steadily dropping, they are becoming more accessible to the average consumer who is looking to take pictures, bug their neighbors, and get a different view of the world from high […]

How Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons Make Our Roads Safer

As demand grows for more walkable cities and neighborhoods, transportation engineers like myself must consider how to keep pedestrians safe.  A great tool in our arsenal is the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB), a traffic control device used to increase motorists’ awareness of pedestrians crossing marked crosswalks at uncontrolled or midblock locations.  Adopted into the Manual […]

Bridging the Gap: A Recap of Park Pride 2017

Last week’s Park Pride Conference was a sold-out event exploring “how parks and greenspaces bridge gaps between individuals, communities, political jurisdictions and ecosystems.” If you have a foot in the park world as an advocate, a planner, a designer or an operator, this conference fits the bill.Trails dominated the conversation in the conference, with the Atlanta […]

What Exactly Is a Smart City?

There is a lot of buzz about “smart cities” these days, with cities such as Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Columbus and Kansas City taking constructive steps in this direction. But the truth is we don’t yet have a single fully-functioning smart city. So amid all the buzz, you may ask yourself, “What constitutes a […]

5 Tips for Effective Public Involvement

A successful public input process comes from effective communication between project stakeholders, the design team, and meeting facilitators. When done well, the process is invigorating, fun and educational for all! Most of our municipal projects, such as city centers, parks and trails, require public involvement in the planning and preliminary design stages. However, private development […]