De-Clouding the Point Cloud with Mobile LiDAR

A couple of years ago, we posted a blog titled “LiDAR is Gaining Momentum” which is a great overview of LiDAR technology, “point clouds”, and how 3D mapping can be applied for a preliminary site assessment. With the increased popularity of autonomous vehicles and other mapping applications that utilize LiDAR, laser scanning has seen tremendous […]

What Happens When a Cell Site Loses Power?

Imagine a world with no connectivity. Yikes!  A friend of mine spent a week trying to get in touch with her father after Hurricane Irma hit the U.S. Virgin Islands.  All she needed was to hear his voice and know he was ok, but she couldn’t reach him due to cell service being down in […]

The Lowdown on Low Impact Development

Stormwater management is an important design features that engineers must account for in land development. When development occurs, the quantity of stormwater runoff increases due to the removal of pervious surfaces (which water can infiltrate) and construction of new impervious surfaces and structures. In addition, the water quality of stormwater runoff from developments can decrease […]

How Do I Get a Traffic Signal for My Site?

Many developers come to our office with a simple question: “How do I get a traffic signal into my proposed development?”  For the commercial site developer, the addition of a traffic signal at their site means easy access in and out for the eventual customers and, more importantly, makes getting lucrative leases for the commercial […]

Five Tips for Working on Program Sites

Program projects, meaning multiple sites for the same retailer, comprise a significant portion of our Land Development team’s work. While these projects can be comfortable and feel like it’s “another XYZ project,” after working on as many as we have, we know they offer some unique challenges. Here are some tips to keep in mind […]