Tis the Season for Enjoying Parks!

Winter brings cooler weather and lots of family events! Now is a perfect time to explore your local Georgia parks. We at Foresite Group love designing public spaces and parks, but we love using them even more. Bundle up and consider the following activities for your winter season:Edible plant hikes, geocaching and history in your […]

Why Wireless Technology Won’t Replace a Wired Network

As a network designer and advocate for the deployment of ubiquitous high-speed broadband networks, I am often asked, “Why would someone want to go to the trouble and cost to place fiber cable? Isn’t wireless technology going to eventually replace it?” Indeed, there are currently a number of available technologies and media to use when […]

How to Improve Your Vehicle Access Design

A major priority in civil site design is vehicle access and parking requirements.  While these may seem like trivial aspects of an overall design, poor design decisions in these areas can mean unusable parking spaces, unreachable drive through windows, or inaccessible dumpsters.  These are usually the types of mistakes no one notices until a site […]

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn and Why It Matters

It’s likely that your firm, like ours, has team members dedicated to managing social media and they’re always politely bugging you to get involved with their efforts. We have previously shared the benefits of social media for professional services and how to use it to build business relationships. While the term “social media” may still […]

De-Clouding the Point Cloud with Mobile LiDAR

A couple of years ago, we posted a blog titled “LiDAR is Gaining Momentum” which is a great overview of LiDAR technology, “point clouds”, and how 3D mapping can be applied for a preliminary site assessment. With the increased popularity of autonomous vehicles and other mapping applications that utilize LiDAR, laser scanning has seen tremendous […]