Designing for Disasters

Civil engineers have one of the most important jobs in the world: designing the quality of life. Bear with me in this lengthy quote, but The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has a great definition of civil engineering that illustrates just how involved we are in many aspects of community life:“The profession in which […]

Why You Don’t Need a Fiber Feasibility Study

Last month I attended Mountain Connect in Colorado. While there, something which I have believed for a long time was publicly validated by numerous people from diverse segments of the municipal broadband industry. I’m talking about the problematic nature of municipal broadband feasibility studies. Often the first step in a city’s broadband exploratory process, a […]

When It’s Right to Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road

Have you ever encountered a highway interchange that allowed you drive on the left side of the roadway? While you may have briefly felt like you were in Europe, you were moving through what’s known as a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI). A DDI allows for the two directions of traffic on a freeway overpass (or […]

Using Design Thinking to Bridge the Digital Divide

Design Thinking is a methodology for the creative and practical resolution of difficult problems. It is an iterative approach which is solution-focused and whose intent is to produce viable results. In real world applications, Design Thinking has proven to be a highly effective way of solving complex, poorly defined problems by putting them in a […]

Award Winning Projects Help Revitalize Atlanta

The Atlanta Urban Design Commission (AUDC), under the City of Atlanta Department of City Planning, Office of Design, reviews plans and projects for historic buildings and districts in the City of Atlanta. Every year, the AUDC honors projects, programs, individuals, and organizations that have continued to enhance, preserve, and shape the City of Atlanta’s built […]