Roswell Senior Center Renovation


City of Roswell, Parks and Recreation Department




Foresite Group is working with Wright Mitchell Architects and the City of Roswell Parks and Recreation Department for the phased renovation of the Roswell Senior Center on Grimes Bridge Road. Phase one includes a 3,500 sf building extension designed to accommodate an exercise room with associated locker rooms, restrooms, and showers. This addition is located in the existing courtyard area at the rear of the existing building. Exterior improvements include design for three bocce ball courts and a patio adjacent to the northeast corner of the existing building. The second phase of the renovation includes an aquatic center that will be located on the adjacent property to the north and will be connected to the existing building by an enclosed walkway and elevator/stairs. This phase also includes a new driveway entrance on Grimes Bridge Road as well as a parking lot, a service drive with a turnaround, and ADA accessible sidewalks.

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