Structural Engineering

At its core, structural engineering is the practice of making things structurally sound, and our engineers have mastered this skill at every level. Whether it’s a mission critical data center, a 100-year-old slaughterhouse that will be renovated into a retail hot spot, or even a 20,000 gallon hotel pool that is strategically positioned above a ballroom - our engineers have accomplished it all. We have established long-lasting relationships with architects and developers across the southeast who enjoy working with our team because of our accurate and responsive services.

Structural Engineering Services

  • Building Structural Design 
  • Building Structural Upgrades 
  • Condition Assessment 
  • Construction Phase Services 
  • Facility Expansion Design 
  • Failure Analysis 
  • Floor Reinforcement 
  • Foundation Design 
  • Historic Preservation 
  • Mechanical Support 
  • Pedestrian Bridges 
  • Peer Review 
  • Retaining Wall Design 
  • Renovation and Structural Modifications 
  • Seismic Upgrades 
  • Site Structural Design 
  • Structural Repairs 
  • Telecommunication Antenna Support 
  • Tenant Renovation 
  • Vibration Analysis 

Client Testimonials

“Jamestown’s great projects come at the effort of our great resources – and rest assured Foresite Group is a big part of that.”  

- Mark Blair, 
Jamestown, L.P. 
“Foresite Group brings a team-oriented approach to their work, meaning that they understand the importance of working closely with us to deliver the highest caliber of service. When challenges arise with projects, Karen and her staff are always proactive in their approach to develop the best solution."  

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Gerding Collaborative