Wireless Services

From coast to coast, our team of engineers and designers self-perform all of our work. This first-hand understanding of the site ensures reliability, accuracy, and timeliness throughout your projects. Whether for a single rooftop site in Arizona or a 200-site rollout in the Midwest, we pride ourselves in our quality control by keeping our wireless services in-house. In fact, Verizon Wireless has even named us their preferred engineering consultant on challenging projects. Our most interesting projects range from FAA GPS Flight Tracking System sites to complex rooftop installations for demanding building owners. We understand the nature of this industry, and the coordination and schedule implementation that is essential to each client's success.

Wireless Services

  • Asset Management 
  • Balloon Tests 
  • Bidding Assistance 
  • Concealment Design Coordination 
  • Conceptual Site Layout 
  • Construction Phase Services 
  • Dark Fiber and Spare Conduit Research/Acquisition
  • Drainage Design 
  • Due Diligence Report 
  • Environmental Coordination 
  • Erosion/Sediment/Pollution Control 
  • Fiber Network Engineering
  • Field Verification
  • Fuel Cell Upgrades 
  • Grading Design 
  • Lease Exhibits 
  • Permitting 
  • Photo Simulations 
  • Shop Drawing Review 
  • Site Walks and Audits 
  • Stormwater Management 
  • Structural Analysis
  • Survey Coordination
  • Value Engineering 
  • Zoning and Construction Documents
    • Antenna/Equipment Upgrades 
    • Co-location 
    • DAS/Small Cells 
    • Fiber
    • Generators 
    • Microwave 
    • Rawland 
    • Rooftop 

Client Testimonials

“Foresite Group is a premier partner and consistently delivers top quality, on-time services for aggressive wireless build plans. Their attention to detail along with their experienced recommendations in creative problem-solving makes them a vital part of our team.“  

Web Icons-08 - Ron Morris, Providence
Real Estate Consulting 
“Wanted to let you and your team know that your CDs are the most professional most well designed drawings I have seen in this environment. I have used them as the standard for all our contractors and required them to format theirs to mirror yours.”  

- Tim May, 
FMHC Corporation